HOTFLASH The Menopause Game

The object is to make your way around the board and be the first to reach Hormone Free Haven. Along the way, win or lose, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to laugh and learn. When you land on Raging Hormones you’ll discover some little known facts about women, your body, peri-menopause, and lots of other stuff. When you land on a HotFlash!, you’ll have a chance to act a little goofy or ask your friends about some deep, dark secret like “Have you ever had a one-night stand?” Be sure to avoid PMS Purgatory, and be careful not to go down the Fallopian Tubes. They’ll take you backwards through Weepy Way, Lustless Lane, Bitchy Boulevard, Insomnia Aisle and The Forgetful Forest. Whether you play to win or just play to play, after an evening of HotFlash!, you’ll never think of Menopause the same way again.

Product Features

  • 2-8 players ages 39 to mind your own busines

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