3 Responses to Fundamentals of Children’s Anatomy and Physiology: A Textbook for Nursing and Healthcare Students

  1. Kat Man Do says:

    Good starter text for Child branch nursing students… This is an extremely thorough text on child anatomy and physiology. As an nurse (although not RSCN or RN[C]) and also the father to a toddler and an eleven (going on 30 – measured in cynicism years) grandson, this acted as a refresher as to what is different between child and adult anatomy and physiology. The text is extremely well laid out in 19 chapters – written by a number of specialists, although some write more than one chapter, which takes you through all the major systems in the body…

  2. Fallen says:

    Everything covered excellently A first class medical reference guide; the presentation is excellent, each chapter beginning with a ‘learning outcomes’ section which details upon completing the chapter what the reader should now know followed by a ‘Test your prior knowledge’ section which poses a number of questions about the subject of the forthcoming chapter.Each chapter is colour coded, a minor issue in some respects but it is just fundamentally more pleasing to the eye and better aesthetically than bland black…

  3. Zipster Zeus says:

    Reliable introductory textbook for anyone in this field