Forehead Thermometer Pancellent Metene Digital Body Temperature for Body Baby Instant Reading (CE FCC Approved)

This product is a kind of professional infrared thermometer for people of all ages; it can get human temperature
accurately and quickly by scanning the forehead. As human body will be influenced by environment surrounded, so the temperature we get from
the thermometer can be different due to different skin condition and different measured parts.

Home Useful:
1.Body/Bady Temperature
2.Water/Milk Temperature
3.Food Temperature

Storage temperature: 0-40℃(32-122℉)
Operation temperature:16-35℃
Relative humidity:≤85%
Power supply: 3V(2pcs AA Batteries, No included)
Body mode measure rang:32-42.9℃(89.6-108.5℃)
Surf mode measure rang:0-100℃(32-212℉)

Package Includes:
1 x Body Thermometer ( included batteries)

About Pancellent:
Pancellent was a registered brand in United States and European Union. It mean plan of excellent.
We are doing our best to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.
All our product have 30 days Money Back Guarantee and 120 days Replacement Service.

Product Features

  • [ Non-contact Measurement ] Not need contact infrared thermometer clean and health avoid cross infection. Even can know body temperature when baby moving or sleeping.
  • [ Accurate and Quick ] Get the result in one second and accurate ±0.02℃(±0.04℉),you also can adjustable show unit from ℃ to℉.
  • [ Two Models ] One for Body, rang:32-42.9℃(89.6-108.5℃).Other for surf temperature, rang:0-100℃(32-212℉).Over the rang will show “Lo” “HI”.
  • [ Multifunction ] LCD Display with backlight let you can read in night. Automatically date hold and power off/Beeper function. All make Pancellent Body thermometer be your first choose.
  • [ Memorized ] The thermometer is able to store 32 measured data; You can easily reflect the temperature changes to your doctors for making a diagnosis.

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2 Responses to Forehead Thermometer Pancellent Metene Digital Body Temperature for Body Baby Instant Reading (CE FCC Approved)

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a really good product. We’ve had an in ear thermometer for a good few years but were spending so much on the ear covers that we thought we’d give one of these a go instead. It’s easy to use. You simply hold it over the forehead and press the button to take the temperature.We were dubious as to how accurate this would be in comparison to the in ear one but it gave exactly the same temperature when we tested it out simultaneously. It’s ideal for using on smaller children who can…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finally, I just have had a hard time geting right thermometer, I tried with simple mouth thermometer and it was impossible to get it right beacouse my baby can’t stay without moving and than I spend a lot of money on the ear thermometer that I got in baby store. Soo disappointed any keep moveing and it can’t get it right. Every time I tried gives me diferent numbers, 49£ for nothing. But finaly this it really helpful. It measures the temperature in seconds and it don’t make the baby…