Escape to Sunrise Cottage

Set in the heart of the Sussex countryside, Escape to Sunrise Cottage is a feel-good romance with a dash of mystery.

When artist Violet Brooke leaves her engagement ring on top of a Chinese wedding cabinet and runs away from the trendy apartment in London’s Brick Lane, there’s only one place to go – Sunrise Cottage.
All she wants is to cosy up in her rural retreat, concentrate on her painting, and forget about Jayden Fox, bad boy of the East End art scene – he’s certainly forgotten about her.
The last thing she needs is romance. Then handsome antique dealer Max Finch shows up in the middle of a field and the problem is, he’s impossible to resist.
For Max, meeting Violet – and falling in love with her at first sight – is a turning point. His ex-wife, Sarah, has bipolar, and Max still feels partly responsible for her well-being. But Sarah has others to care for her now, and Max knows that if he is to win Violet’s trust, he must put her first.
Max is not the only complication in Violet’s rural idyll. Before long, she’s shocked to discover that somebody wants her gone from the village, and they’re making sure she knows about it.
But who? And why?
Is this Violet’s cue to head back to London and pick up her real life?
Or is Sunrise Cottage – and Max Finch – as real as it gets?

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3 Responses to Escape to Sunrise Cottage

  1. Anonymous says:

    Escape to Sunrise Cottage… that’s what Violet is hoping for, but things don’t turn out as she expected. I’m hopeless at writing detailed reviews that don’t give away the plotline, but life in the Sussex countryside soon becomes more complicated than Violet expects. Meeting Max starts to throw out her plans and then things take an unexpected turn… there’s someone who doesn’t want her to stay at Sunrise Cottage and soon her rural idyll, isn’t so idyllic after all. The novel has the feel-good…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Needing to escape from London and fiancé Jayden’s lies, Violet takes refuge in her Sunrise Cottage, left to her by her auntie. The Sussex countryside is worlds away from the life she knows, but it’s only going to be temporary because she’ll definitely return to London … eventually. The thing is, she loves living in the cottage, she’s making some new friends, and she can’t fight the attraction to Max whose house happens to be at the end of the lane where she lives, so there’s definitely…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I loved this book! It’s fresh and compelling from the beginning, as artist Violet tries to escape the big city and a load of romantic complications to sort her life out. She flees to Sunrise Cottage, inherited from her grandmother, and seems to have arrived in a rural idyll – but, of course, fresh problems arrive to go with the old ones. She meets an intriguing new man but he seems to come with a lot of baggage, she struggles financially and someone is sending her some very sinister…