dea-concept – organic cherry stones pillow – blue cotton – stars – babys health care – handmade

This cherry stone pillow is a good known Swiss tradition and also called “dry hot water bottle”Use it hot or cold for all your aches and pains.
It’s a natural heat accumulator that renders heat slowly and safely. It does not went to cold as fast as a traditional hot water bottle. Absolutely no danger for babies or children of burning due to hot water.
Put it near to its belly when it hurts badly or next to their cold little feet. A natural way to get the relaxation you need.
Our cherry stone pillow are made of genius cotton fabrics printed with sparkling stars on one side and the other color matched cotton fabrics.

  • Size: 16x16cm
  • Material: cotton fabrics, 100% cherry-stones (env.150g)
  • Completely machine washable
  • Attention remember to cool down the pillow completely between each use !
    If you have any questions feel free to send us a message.

    Product Features

    • Completely Machine Washable
    • Use Both Hot or Cold
    • Natural Product
    • No danger for little toddlers
    • Entirely handmade 16×16 cm

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