CopperHealth – Compression Elbow Sleeve, Guaranteed Highest Copper Content. Best Copper Infused Elbow Support For Workouts, Golfers And Tennis Elbow Brace. Copper Elbow Sleeve for Men and Women-single

“A Life-Saver for Your Elbows!”

You can significantly increase recovery time and steeply minimize joint pain by using this therapeutic copper compression elbow sleeve from Copper Health.

Our sleeve reduces or eliminates pain by applying comfortable compression to your elbow. This gently warms the surrounding area and reduces inflammation and swelling. This also results in increased oxygen and blood flow to the elbow which greatly increases recovery time so you can get back to doing what you love quicker.

The Copper Advantage

Copper has been known for a wide range of therapeutic uses throughout history and we’ve combined this miracle material with the comfort of spandex to provide you the best elbow sleeve on the market today.

Many people are surprised to hear that copper is a natural bacteria-fighting material that kills 99.9% of bacteria it comes in contact with. Unlike conventional sleeves that quickly develop horrible odours quickly, our copper elbow sleeve will remain fresh and clean for significantly longer.

Our copper clothing is made from 88% premium copper and 12% spandex for quality therapy you can trust. Don’t settle for low-quality knock-offs using insignificant amounts of poor quality copper.

High Performance Meets World-Class Comfort

In the past you often had to choose between what worked and what felt good – we’ve changed all that for good. Our sleeves offer the following comfort benefits you won’t find anywhere else:

– Itch, Rash, and Chafing Free
– High durability that won’t fall apart
– Superior Sun Protection: Rated UPF 50 (67% more protection than normal fabrics)
– Ergonomically designed to allow a full range of motion
– Comfortable enough to wear while sleeping

You don’t have to suffer from elbow pain and slow recovery any longer – scroll back up and click “Add To Cart” now! Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

Product Features

  • ✅ FASTER RECOVERY – Our copper compression elbow sleeve is specially designed to naturally warm the joint and increase blood flow while stimulating oxygen delivery directly to your elbow.
  • ✅ PAIN RELIEF – Reduces elbow pain, inflammation and swelling caused by regular exercise such as weight lifting in addition to common conditions such as Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Tendonitis, tennis or golfer’s elbow, and general joint pain and discomfort.
  • ✅ SUPERIOR COMFORT – Will not chafe, cause rashes, or itch like other cheap and poorly made sleeves. Ours is comfortable enough to wear every day and can even be comfortably worn while you sleep!
  • ✅ ELIMINATES ODOUR – Copper naturally kills 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria. This leaves your sleeve fresher smelling for significantly longer than a non-copper sleeve.
  • ✅ WILL NOT HOLD YOU BACK – Ergonomically designed to provide you with a full range of motion and superior comfort during even your most demanding activities.

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2 Responses to CopperHealth – Compression Elbow Sleeve, Guaranteed Highest Copper Content. Best Copper Infused Elbow Support For Workouts, Golfers And Tennis Elbow Brace. Copper Elbow Sleeve for Men and Women-single

  1. A to Z says:

    Does It work ? YES it does Bought after a forearm elbow injury, turned up quick but I’m a prime member so no excitement there. After putting it on I did notice a difference within 12 hours, The pain had stopped and the ache was next to nothing, I was still going to work but not wearing the sleeve for work, yes I was limited in certain movements and when I forgot I tried to lift things to heavy for the arm but the pain soon stopped me, 4 days after using the sleeve for 12 hours outside of work time, the arm was feeling…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I slipped getting out of the bath a couple of months ago and banged my left elbow to prevent my head from taking the impact (all in a micro-second). Three days later the elbow pain sank in. I tried Ibuprofen tablets but stopped taking them as they made me dozy and ‘not with it’. I saw a physiotherapist who prescribed arm exercises and suggested that I used topical Ibuprofen (I.e. rubbed in to the area of pain) just before the exercises. This helped a lot…but I was still in some discomfort…