Centrum Multivitamin Tablets for Men, Pack of 60

Product Features

  • A complete daily multivitamin formulated with specially balanced nutrient combinations to help support health and wellbeing
  • With a combination of vitamins and minerals to support the nutritional needs of men, including zinc to contribute to normal fertility
  • Contains 24 key nutrients including all 13 essential vitamins
  • Supports vitality, immunity and contributes to normal vision and hearth health
  • Includes B vitamins and Iron to help support daily energy metabolism

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3 Responses to Centrum Multivitamin Tablets for Men, Pack of 60

  1. DAJ says:

    Great vitamin supplements. Due to long term chronic health issues my diet became very poor and I frequently suffered from extreme fatigue, weakness and constantly feeling tired amongst other issues. This obviously meant I also wasn’t getting many of the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body needs so I had to find something to help supplement these losses due to the dietary issues. It’s important to remember they should only be used as a supplement where possible however, not an outright replacement. Centrum…

  2. DJ DEMON says: