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If you are a leftie who’s spent a lifetime using right-handed scissors, it’s time to change that. Using the wrong pair is uncomfortable, and it can also mess up your cuts. When shopping for the scissors of your dreams, you might notice that many products have altered the molding of handles to fit lefties—but what you should really be keeping an eye out for is the positioning of the blades. True left-handed scissors should not only have reversed finger grips but also a reversed blade connection: The blade that moves upward as you open the scissors should be on the left. This not only allows your natural hand action to work the blades more efficiently but also lets you better see your cutting line. Below, read about our picks of the best scissors for southpaws.

1. Westcott CarboTitanium Scissors

Sharp along the full length of its blade, ergonomic, and well balanced, Westcott’s scissors are the top product on our list. Their high performance results from blades made of carbotitanium, a titanium and carbon composite that is eight times tougher than steel. Thick materials from cardboard to leather are no match for this cutter, which is finished with a soft, textured rubber grip that cushions your hand as it works. It’s easy to see why it won a 2016 Good Design Award. 

2. Fiskars Lefty Scissors

When you need to slice through fabric, it’s essential to have a comfortable line of sight as you work your scissors along the cutting line. That’s why we like these scissors from Fiskars. Their handle is bent away from the blades so you can keep a steady view of your work and see exactly where those scissors are heading. Made of stainless steel, the blades are not as tough as Westcott’s, but they still leave crisp cuts and can work through heavier materials like denim.

3. Fiskars Left-Handed Student Scissors

Designed for tweens, these scissors measure 7 inches long and provide a much more comfortable grip for students than adult scissors do. They’re also less expensive—roughly half the price of our top, full-size picks. The stainless steel blades are durable for classroom activities, perfect for slicing through construction paper, cardstock, and other common craft materials. A soft and comfortable rubber grip decorated with a zingy design makes this easy to spot in a bin of tools.

4. Lefty’s Titanium General Purpose Scissors

Another product that features a bent handle, this pair from Lefty’s is a good all-purpose choice that we’d get if Westcott’s were sold out. Equipped with stainless steel blades coated with titanium—making them about three times harder than steel—these scissors can handle diverse materials with ease and offer sufficient comfort thanks to rubberized handles. They’re also more than an ounce lighter than our top choice, which might appeal to those who have arthritis or experience hand pain.

5. Maped Sensoft Scissors

For users who are even younger, consider picking up a pair of these scissors. They measure just 5 inches from end to end so grade schoolers can maneuver them easily. These aren’t introductory scissors—while the tips are rounded, they aren’t super blunt—but they’re a great step up for kids who are ready to handle something a bit sharper and more precise.

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