Abeillo Jewels Healing Energy Magnetic Gemstone Black Magnetic Stretch Beaded Rhinestone Simulated Hematite Bracelet

Style: black stone necklace
Edition type: magnetic elastic bracelet
Material: black stone
Colour: Black
Size: 18cm
Weight: 30g
Packing: 1pcs bracelet
Natural stone itself inherent defects: a small amount of cracks and sand holes, which is a common feature of pure natural stone, it is also a lot of shoppers called the beauty of the defect, so do not fuss Oh
In addition, these sand holes and cracks will wear through the wearer of the continuation of the time and gradually hide, so as to achieve the coexistence of stone and the effect, Oh, this is a small secret Oh

Product Features

  • Black Therapy Magnetic Hematite Beads (Helpful Migraines/Arthritis and Energy and Health)
  • Style: Hematite and Rhinestones Mixed Make Bracelet Shiny and Fashion
  • Occasion: Daily Life and Wedding and Party and Anniversary Etc;
  • MAGNETIC THERAPY AND REIKI HEALING-Stone has a special healing powers, helps regulate body functions, enhance and improve the body’s immune function, improve the body’s resistance to disease.
  • Shiny polished stone bracelet is a wonderful gift for your family and friends

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