A to Z mini-guide to women’s health

The A to Z mini- guide to women’s health blends physical, mental, emotional and spiritual knowledge and offers advice to inspire you to make decisions through all the stages of your life, so that you can live optimally. Decisions you make as a teenager and in your twenties and later as you move through life into menopause and after, will enhance your experience, making transitions smoother, and promoting your longevity and contentment. As a reference book, it’s easy to read, highly informative and contains some of the latest research.
It is relevant for women of all ages and is simple to apply in everyday life. I have also written this guide to educate and inspire young women between the ages of fourteen and twenty one who are contemplating a career as a nurse, therapist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, sports trainer, yoga, Pilates teacher or beautician.
We are not just physical beings. Holistic health and well being needs to be approached from all angles. This book will be an inspiration to move through challenges and towards being the best that you can be with optimal health.

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