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11 Times Selfies Turned Tragic

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Speaking of places you shouldn’t take selfies: there’s a frankly disturbing number of people that have tried to snap one while standing atop a train. While I get the urge (it does look kind of badass), it’s pretty dangerous for two reasons. For one thing, trains are tall, and falling from tall things generally isn’t advisable.

The second, less obvious reason is that most modern-day trains—like the metro-line you might have in your neighborhood—are electric. This means that they need some sort of live wiring to keep them up and running, and this usually means an overhead line, which carry 25,000 volts of electricity on average.

If you’re wondering what happens when you touch one of these wires, look no further than the many, many news stories detailing the aftermath of train-top selfie attempts: one Romanian teen burst into flames and then died from the resulting injuries. The same thing happened to a teen from India last year. More recently, another teen just died on impact with the cable. In all cases, it’s a pretty clear sign to not selfie there.

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